• Welcome our new Boat, BOTTOM TIME...a 36' TIARA OPEN with twin 425HP cats. BOTTOM TIME will be Christened for the 2015 season  >>
  • BOTTOM TIME being refitted with new electronics, complete redo of many systems and new tank racks and dive platfrom and ladder to be installed. >>
  • NEUTRAL BOUYANCY SOLD Goodbye old friend. Gone to Califonia >>
  •  >>
  •  >>

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GULF SPORT ADVENTURES from FREEPORT, TX is an adventure charter service that doesnt act like a charter service. We love what we do and love to share our experiences with others. From diving to spearfishng to just plain ole fishing, Gulf Sport Adventures can get you to where you want to go safely and in style. You might call us the Boutique charter service. We always try to provide trips that are comfortable and exciting. Trying to get as many people on the boat to make as much money as possible is NOT our goal. Meeting new people who enjoy are passion for diving and the sea, providing an enjoyable, fun and exciting time for you and us without the hassle of being overcrowded sets us apart from the rest. Our Boat, the BOTTOM TIME is a dry, comfortable ride with enough power to get you safetly, to and from the sport areas.


Never been spearfishing?? No Problem, Gulf Sport Adventures has trips especially focused on beginners. The first trip into the gulf or first time spearfishing can be a little intimidating. We try to make your first experience more comfortable and relaxing as we will give you the tips and basic information about diving in the gulf and what to expect during your first spearfishing experience.

Rig Diving is a unique environment and is full of life. You will see corals, fish and other marine animals growing in and around the rigs.

Wreck and Reef DIving- The Gulf has a vast variety of dive locations that are unique to Texas including natural and man-made reefs. From the Flower Gardens to the VA FOGG, Gulf Sport Adventures will make your trip fun and safe.

SPEARFISHING AT ITS BEST- Whether you are experience or want to learn, Gulf Sport Adventures is operated by experienced boat captains, divers and spearfishermen. The gulf is an amazing place to spearfish, maybe some of the best in the world. Come and experience this great gulf adventure with us. Friendly crews with a love of the sport and a safety first attitude is what you will get when you charter with Gulf Sport Adventures.



For those who dont go under the water to get their fish, Gulf Sport Adventures can still give yo a fishing adventure. Trolling, bottom fishing and even tuna trips, fishing with us will make you smile. Our large fishing deck has plenty of room to fish without standing on top of each other.